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ID: 16005 28.11.2022

SIDRIVE IQ Troubleshoot Mobile App

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An Expert in Your Pocket

SIDRIVE IQ Troubleshoot

Troubleshooting is often time-consuming and costly. In an event that a drive faults, it can take time just determining where to start. And the longer the issue lasts, the costlier it gets with lost productivity.

The new Siemens SIDRIVE IQ Troubleshoot mobile app is designed to keep downtime to a minimum. SIDRIVE IQ Troubleshoot reduces the time and associated costs it takes to correct faults in drive systems by providing instant access to diagnostic information. In an event that a drive faults, a technician can quickly find a fix by following a few straightforward instructions on the app. As a result, what could otherwise take hours to resolve can be addressed in matter of minutes, possibly saving thousands of dollars in lost production and downtime.

How It Works

SIDRIVE IQ Troubleshoot makes it easier than ever to address a drive fault, whether you’re a field services technician at a customer site, a drive operator at an oilrig, or a technician on a production line. Here’s how it works:

When a drive issues a fault alert, simply log on to SIDRIVE IQ Troubleshoot with your registered username and password. Your connected drives are readily available within the app, with relevant key performance indicators to aid you troubleshooting your drive.

If the drive in question isn’t already listed on your profile you can add the drive, either by manually entering the serial number and MFLB, or by scanning a data matrix code.

The app then asks you to identify the drive fault type by choosing from a checklist of all possible faults. Click the fault you’re experiencing and then the “Troubleshoot” button. A list of potential root causes is displayed, and for each situation you can follow a series of corrective steps. A video with an image of the drive guides you through diagnosis and troubleshooting steps.

Requesting Tech Support

Most cases can be resolved simply by following the app’s instructions. When that isn’t possible – such as when a replacement part is needed – you can use the app to request tech support. This is a more efficient way to log a support case than having to place a call. To request a call back from tech support, type a brief description of the issue into the app as well as your company’s name, location and phone number.

Key Features

The SIDRIVE IQ Troubleshoot mobile app provides several useful features, including:

  • Operational information and KPIs of your connected assets
  • Use of the mobile phone camera to scan a drive’s data matrix code to access troubleshooting information
  • Step-by-step video tutorials with drive images to identify and repair drives when faulting
  • Quick fault resolution without having to call tech support in most cases
  • Faster access to technical support
    • Level 1 priority for existing VIP/TSA/DTA customers
    • Level 2 priority for all customers (next business day response)
  • Substantial reduction in downtime, saving 60 percent of technicians at least one hour in troubleshooting



Um Anlagen, Systeme, Maschinen und Netzwerke gegen Cyber-Bedrohungen zu sichern, ist es erforderlich, ein ganzheitliches Industrial Security-Konzept zu implementieren (und kontinuierlich aufrechtzuerhalten), das dem aktuellen Stand der Technik entspricht. Die Produkte und Lösungen von Siemens formen nur einen Bestandteil eines solchen Konzepts. Weitergehende Informationen über Industrial Security finden Sie unter https://www.siemens.com/industrialsecurity.

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    Digitalisierung und Remote - SIDRIVE IQ ist eine ganzheitliche Lösung und Service zum Industriellen Internet der Dinge (IIoT). Mit unserer Digitalen Plattform SIDRIVE IQ Suite und unseren Digitalen Services Rapid Response und Guided Supervision erhöhen Sie für ihre Anlage die Produktivität, Servicefähigkeit und Verfügbarkeit.