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ID: 18306 28.02.2022

SIDRIVE IQ - Product announcement – Product Increment 18 (PI18)

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SIDRIVE IQ – Our holistic solution and service to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

With SIDRIVE IQ, you can not only make better use of our latest motors and drives, but you can also retrofit existing components and unlock the benefits of digitalization. Enjoy the advantages of transferring the data from your SIMOTICS motors and SINAMICS drives to the cloud, where it can be analyzed with the comprehensive functionality of our digital platform.

For more information visit www.siemens.com/sidrive-iq

Overview of new features and functions in this product increment are:

SIDRIVE IQ – Digital Platform:

  • SIDRIVE IQ available for S120 LV drives - S120 drives can be connected to IQ Suite and shown in the dashboard together with MV drives
  • Easy connection check on IPC - IPC LED will be used to show the connection status between IPC and connected device for easy identification of connecting failures
  • Secure and standardized connection to NXGpro+ - Supports secure connection via Modbus TCP to the new NXGpro+ controller
  • Environmental conditions with Numerix in SIDRIVE IQ - Outside Temperature, humidity, pressure and calculated dewpoint are available for supporting analyze of temperature related issues based on GPS data of the respective asset
  • SIDRIVE IQ Powertrain twin for motors (Numerix)- Utilization, Power, Speed and Torque for DOL Motors are available in IQ Suite including time series
  • Schaeffler bearing monitoring- UI has been improved and new design available. Severity and probability have been adjusted to reduce notifications without real issue
  • SIDRIVE IQ Shift Beta - Have all configuration data of a drive and documentation available in one place. Get service recommendations based on risk analysis done by Siemens Drive experts. New Traffic light signals added for all recommendations and Demo account with same functionality as production system available (https://sidriveiq.siemens.com/iqshift/). For first access please send email to simona.arsene@siemens.com

For more details regarding these new features please visit: https://siemens.com/sidrive-iq-new-features

Contact information

For more information please contact sidrive-iq.industry@siemens.com



Um Anlagen, Systeme, Maschinen und Netzwerke gegen Cyber-Bedrohungen zu sichern, ist es erforderlich, ein ganzheitliches Industrial Security-Konzept zu implementieren (und kontinuierlich aufrechtzuerhalten), das dem aktuellen Stand der Technik entspricht. Die Produkte und Lösungen von Siemens formen nur einen Bestandteil eines solchen Konzepts. Weitergehende Informationen über Industrial Security finden Sie unter https://www.siemens.com/industrialsecurity.

Betrifft Produkte / Portfolio Elemente

    Digitalisierung und Remote - SIDRIVE IQ ist eine ganzheitliche Lösung und Service zum Industriellen Internet der Dinge (IIoT). Mit unserer Digitalen Plattform SIDRIVE IQ Suite und unseren Digitalen Services Rapid Response und Guided Supervision erhöhen Sie für ihre Anlage die Produktivität, Servicefähigkeit und Verfügbarkeit.