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Need help? We've go you covered around the LDA Portal on our help center.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Your benefits at a glance • Enter personal and business data only once • Create and save product configurations and offers • Benefit from online services • Create support requests and get an overview history …and many more advanced functionalities!
To register for a new account, click on the login icon in the top right corner and then click 'Register'. In the following dialogue enter the right data. To confirm your email address, the LDA Portal will send you a confirmation message. Check your inbox and verify your email to complete your registration.
Tip: Just watch the 'How to register' tutorial.
To manage your profile data log into your account and go to the top menu and click 'MyLDA'. Click 'MyProfile' from the menu to access your profile details. Click on the pen icon to edit your personal details. Edit all the relevant data and don´t forget to save the result. In case you need to alter any other profile information, please get in touch with us through the contact form (Contact us).
Tip: Just watch the 'How to manage your profile data' tutorial.
Make sure you typed in the correct email and password. Sometimes it helps to delete the cookies of your browser and try again. If there are still issues please contact our helpcenter via the 'Contact us' function
If you have forgotten your password, you can easily change it. To do this, click on the 'Forgot your password?' button. You will then receive an email with an activation link to our website, where you can create a new password.
First log into your account. To get fast support, simply start a support request. Select the product for which you need help. Please refer to the name plate of your product to provide the article number (MLFB) and serial number. Add other relevant data to describe your request.
Tip: Just watch the 'How to create a support request' tutorial.
Your email address is linked with the Siemens ID login procedure. If you have to change your email address, you have to create a new Siemens ID login with your email and a password. You have to register again with your new email login data.
If you have important data (e.g. products in watchlist, product offers, service inquiries, etc.) you need to go in contact with the LDA Portal helpcenter via the 'Contact us' functionality.
To register to the newsletter first log into your account. Then scroll down to the bottom of the page or go to MyLDA profile. Then click the subscribe button. Select all the newsletter topics, you want to follow. Additionally choose the frequency and the preferred language with a click on the marked '+' at the right side of the button.
Tip: Just watch the 'How to subscribe to the newsletter' tutorial.
Log into the LDA Account. To get a specific product offer, go to the product selector and choose your appropriate product. Enter the basic parameters to find your needed product. Choose a product from the results and click 'Configure' to start the detailed product configurator. In the configuration template please enter all mandatory data in the tabs and fields. You can also edit the product specification to all your individual requirements. Once you are finished with editing click to download the documentation. Select and download the technical datasheets, drawings and 3D files and save them to your local device.
Tip: Just watch the 'How to select and configure a product' tutorial.
First, log into your account. To get a specific product offer, go to the top menu and click 'MyLDA'. Select 'My Watchlist' to view your pre-configured products. Choose the products for which you want a quote and click the 'Get Offer' Button. Enter the project data as required. Confirm the export control disclaimer and submit your request. Your offer will be generated in the backround. Just give it a view seconds and refresh the screen. Your requested offer will appear at the top of the list. Click on the 'Offer-ID' to see all the details of the offer at a glance.
Tip: Just watch the 'How to get an offer' tutorial.
Most products are assigned to one manufacturing location which is predefined in the configuration tool. The selection of the manufacturing location in the configuration tool is possible only for the products SINAMICS Perfect Harmony GH180, SINAMICS Perfect Harmony GH150, SIMOTICS HV C and SIMOTICS HV Series H-compact.
You have chosen the quotation type 'Non-Binding Offer' or it is specified in your default settings. Only the quotation type 'Offer' shows a binding period.
No additional documents have been added by Siemens Sales as the offer has been created automatically. For technical documentation please download datasheets, drawings, etc. from the configuration tool you used. Therefore please reconfigure your items.