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Digital Services by SIDRIVE IQ

Customized Services for every need

Drive components such as motors and drives are highly stressed components that are subject to different degrees of wear and continuous tear. The stress is often not visible so that the result may be failures and unplanned downtime. It is therefore crucial to be able to estimate the condition correctly.

Our offering

With SIDRIVE IQ, condition data from your drive train components is transferred to the cloud via an encrypted connection. Thanks to our analytical dashboard, you have constant transparency about the condition. With our Digital Services by SIDRIVE IQ, we offer you digital expert support to optimize the availability and productivity of your plant to the greatest possible extent. Our service experts continuously monitor the connected components. If a weak point is detected, we notify you directly and comprehensively and we are also happy to help you with planning and troubleshooting.

Your benefits at a glance

SIDRIVE IQ Rapid Response

Our solution for fast recovery helps you by providing cloud-based alerts and direct support for rapid troubleshooting, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with a response time of only 1 to 2.5 hours.

Reduce costly downtime by up to 80%
Siemens' experts are working on the problem before you are aware of it

Lower maintenance costs
Remote diagnostic capabilities reduced the need for engineer to visit site

Increased stability of production process
Access to measurements, KPIs and logs allow Siemens’ experts to quickly diagnose root causes of issues, get your drive up and running so you can concentrate on delivering to your customers

SIDRIVE IQ Guided Supervision

Our solution for continuous monitoring monitors known weak spots and provides timely warnings of impending failures based on continuous cloud- and expert-based health monitoring.

Reduce costly non-scheduled downtime
Siemens’ experts analyze key parameters (vibration, partial discharge) to anticipate problems before they occur and provide resolution recommendations

Intelligent insights to prolong motor life
Siemens’ experts continually assess motor health & provide recommendations to enable longer lifetimes

Reduce maintenance costs
Proactive maintenance reduces the time and effort responding to problems

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