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Field & Maintenance Services

Efficient maintenance strategies for the entire product lifecycle

Field & Maintenance Services assist with commissioning and maintenance of plants and also with troubleshooting. Comprehensive maintenance concepts and service agreements optimize the plant availability and the use of products and systems.

For a smooth production process the plant availability is a central factor. To prevent failures early, Siemens offers Inspections and Maintenance.

Branch-specific services around the issue of asset management help to avoid unplanned downtime. These services comprise service and maintenance contracts to support your preventive maintenance, maintenance management as well as adopting and implementing the preventive maintenance.

Your benefits at a glance

  • World-wide service infrastructure.
  • Comprehensive support for commissioning.
  • Maximum availability through preventive maintenance at highest technical level.
  • Plant efficiency through holistic consideration of technical and operational requirements whilst taking into account your strategic business objectives.

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Ultra-modern, complex machines and plants must be put into operation on site by qualified personnel.

Due to strict technical requirements, it is often difficult to find qualified service providers for these services and the training of inhouse employees involves high costs.
Thanks to targeted further training programs and our longstanding experience in global deployments, Siemens LDA has a global network of qualified service personnel. This enables a high degree of flexibility for all kinds of different service deployments and products in various industry sectors.

Customers receive an optimal service, worldwide and around the clock, based on the extensive know-how as a product manufacturer and the comprehensive knowledge of Siemens specialists acquired in innumerable cross-industry applications and projects.

Examples for Siemens commissioning services:

  • Checking the installation
  • Integration tests on machines and machine components
  • Parameterization
  • Trial operation
  • Instruction and training of personnel

Your benefit

  • High flexibility and an excellent cost-effectiveness due to a global network of specifically trained commissioning personnel.
  • Highly qualified specialists for your machines and systems.
  • Short communication paths across all organizational levels.
  • Global Resource Management for the global deployment of highly qualified personnel.
  • Cross-industrial machine and system know-how.


An inspection is fundamental for the assessment of the actual state of your machine or plant. Among other things, this includes the assessment of the causes for wear and tear and the demonstration of adequate maintenance measures. Progressive methods from the sector o Condition Monitoring also provide valuable results.

Examples for Siemens inspection services:

  • Review of machines and plants
  • Inspections and measurements with documentation, e.g. vibration analysis, oil analysis, thermography, performance and consumption measuring
  • Software system diagnosis
  • Error analysis
  • Analysis and evaluation of vulnerabilities
  • Derivation of the necessary maintenance measures

In addition to the measures defined in the maintenance planning for your machine, we derive further measures from the inspection results. We support you with classical and modern maintenance in the fields of software and applications.

Examples for Siemens maintenance services:

  • Support with the maintenance planning
  • Determining the maintenance requirements.
  • Definition and documentation of maintenance intervals
  • Scheduled exchange of wear parts
  • Scheduled maintenance shut-downs instead of unplanned production downtimes.
  • Analysis and recommendations for an optimal spare part stockkeeping
  • Exchange of consumables
  • Detection possible improvements in the plant and environment conditions

Modern remote concepts allow an efficient remote maintenance for certain measures. On the basis of well-proven safety technologies, such as the Siemens Remote Service Platform, the electronic maintenance is available quickly, globally and economically.

For further information your Siemens Contact Person will be happy to answer your questions.

Your benefit

  • Optimal performance of your plants and systems.
  • Reliable production conditions.
  • Scheduled maintenance shut-downs instead of unsheduled production downtimes.
  • Inspection and maintenance intervals adapted to the operation.


Evaluation of actual motor conditions and recommendations for further services

Your slip ring motor plays an important role in your industrial application and needs to run both safely and reliably – often for decades and under harsh conditions. Wouldn’t it be good to know, if it is still in a good condition?

With our “Slip Ring Motor Quick Check” our experts will evaluate the actual condition of your slip ring motor and will give  further service recommendations, based on the checklist.

How does it work?

  1. Fill out the checklist
  2. Take pictures as described in the checklist
  3. Send these information to your Siemens Contact person
  4. You receive a status report with service recommendations

Your benefits at a glance

  • No unplanned downtimes
  • Preventive and condition based maintenance
  • Increased lifetime of slip ring motor
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Drive components such as motors and converters are highly stressed components that are subject to different degrees of wear and continuous tear, depending on operating life and stress. The stress is often not visible with the naked eye over a longer period of time so that the result may be failures and unplanned downtime with incalculable losses. It is therefore crucial to be able to estimate the condition of the components correctly at all times.

Mobile Diagnostics makes it possible to detect changes in the operating states early and to take according counter-measures. Expensive plant downtime and production losses can thus be avoided.

Within Mobile Diagnostics the measurements are performed using a mobile handheld on contractually agreed time intervals. After the mobile measurement an expert-based status report with individual service recommendations is generated.

Your benefits at a glance with Mobile Diagnostics

  • No permanently installed measuring equipment needed   
  • Higher plant availability e.g. with PD measurement by reducing the risk of winding failure downtimes up to 75%
  • Performing the measurements in operation enabling scheduling of required maintenance activities in an upcoming downtime

Proceed as follows

Are you interested in these services? If you are, contact your Siemens Contact Person. They will be glad to help and are available for more detailed information about this service.


The availability of machines and plants has the highest priority in all branches of industry. In addition to the preventive maintenance (inspection and maintenance), Siemens therefore offers the corrective maintenance or troubleshooting of your industrial plants world-wide - if required also as an emergency service.

In the framework of corrective maintenance services such as error diagnosis, exchange of defective parts, refitting or troubleshooting in application software, we will be glad to agree on customized services with you:

  • acceptance of fault reports: reachability, call back times
  • stand-by times
  • service periods
  • reaction times, arrival times
  • charging methods

All services can also be part of an individual customized service contract. It might be possible that services be provided as Remote Services.

Your benefit

  • Cost reduction by savings in personnel and spare parts stocks.
  • Customized service contract option (individually or combined).

Complex drive systems have to be highly available and require competent and fast support, if necessary. This can increasingly be achieved by the use of modern, powerful communication media via remote access. It is necessary to consider the increasing demands on IT security, traceability and flexibility of the remote access.

LDA is offering Remote Support as an add-on for on-call service contracts for SINAMICS medium-voltage.

When requested by the customer, a direct connection can be established to the customer's system, data called up and after being released by the customer, downloaded back into the system. All analytical, diagnostic and intervention options are available in the shortest time – just like a direct connection.

Your benefits at a glance with Remote Support

  • Shorten unplanned downtimes by faster access to expert analysis and thus faster converter troubleshooting
  • Reduced service intervention cost by less and faster on site services and a high rate of first-time-fix
  • High data security by state of the art security standards (ISO 27001 and CERT certified) and full customer control


Are you interested in these services? Please contact your Siemens Contact Person. They will be glad to help and are available for more detailed information about this service.