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Repair Services

Fast, reliable solutions – and prepared in case of an emergency

Our Repair Services provide all service tasks over the entire product lifecycle, from the functional maintenance to the increase of performance. Benefit from our high quality support either at your premises, our headquarters or at a certified Siemens repair workshop.

Our service experts analyze, repair, maintain and optimize your components on Siemens manufacturer level, so that costly downtimes are to be avoided and you can maintain maximum productivity of your plant.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Repairs on the high quality level of the manufacturer.
  • Transparency over the services carried out, and the parts used through repair reports.
  • Worldwide network of certified workshops.
  • Warranty claims for the carried out repair service.
  • For motors and gears also for cross-vendor repairs.


Our Global Repair Network for Drives

Large Drives Applications offers a qualified and competent network of repair shops to cater to local and international repair requirements.

We ensure that our repair network remains up-to-date in accordance with technological advances in our medium-voltage drives to provide high-quality repairs.

All our repair shops consist of:

  • Trained and qualified personnel
  • Excellent infrastructure comprising standardized test & repair equipment
  • Repair processes as per Siemens quality standards
  • Customer-oriented repair approach

Your contact for personal support

To find your desired repair center, kindly select "Repair Centers & Service Partners" from the drop-down menu.

Product range & scope of repair services

As illustrated in the map above, our repair centers carry out repair services on the following medium-voltage drive modules. Further information can be found in the respective 5-Pager below for the desired product.

SM150 IGCT phase modulesGM150 IGBT power cardsGH180 power cellsOn-site repair & upgrades
Locations: Nuremberg, Germany/ Shanghai, ChinaLocations: Nuremberg, Germany/ New Kensington, USALocations air-cooled: Nuremberg, Germany/ New Kensington,USA/
Shanghai, China/ Edmonton, Canada/ Jundiai, Brazil/ Bogota, Colombia/
Kalwa, India/ Perth, Australia
Locations water-cooled: Nuremberg, Germany/ New Kensington, USA/
Edmonton, Canada/ Jundiai, Brazil
Mobile container air-cooled: Salisbury, Australia
Locations: Nuremberg, Germany
SM150 IGCT phase modules_5 PagerGM150 IGBT power cards_5 PagerGH180 power cells_5 PagerOn-site repair & upgrades_5 Pager

GH180 Mobile Container (Air-cooled Cell Refurbishment)

Our drives are in constant use and with age the risk of unplanned cell failures increases. It is therefore recommended to refurbish the cells in your drives to avoid unplanned downtimes.

Siemens can offer you a mobile workshop in the form of a Container where multiple cells can be refurbished without having to send them to any repair center. This would help save a lot of time and effort.

  • The Mobile Container  makes it possible to perform fast air-cooled cell refurbishments for several cells by trained Siemens personnel directly at the customer‘s site.

  • The Mobile Container is equipped with standard test and repair equipment to carry out high-quality cell refurbishments for all all GH180 air-cooled cells (i.e. Gen 3, Gen 3e, Gen 4, Gen 4e and Gen 5).

  • Standard container, modular design and suitable for sea freight and all means of transport.

  • Please note that the Mobile Container remains the property of Siemens at all times and in no circumstances shall it or any of its components be sold to an external customer or third party.

For further details or questions, please get in touch with LDA CS headquarters in Germany (lda-service.de@siemens.com). 

Extended Repair Services

Partner management Program for Motor repair partner and external Drive repair partner

General Program Information

To tailor our Partner Program perfectly to the requirements of our customers, the certification as "certified and authorized partner " encompasses various Service Modules within a Partner Program, each of which has its own technical competences for extensive product know-how for Repair, Service and Fault-clearing at our customers.

And as well as sales channel for our LDA Service Portfolio

As a certified and authorized Partner you help us to guarantee our customers' plant availability throughout the world. You stand for individual, high-quality customer support from experts with specific know-how.

Certified and authorized Partners with the "High Voltage Motor - Repair Service" specialization offer the customer competent repair and maintenance work on Siemens drive technology products. As a certified repair company, you conduct standard repairs on Siemens Products selected from the Service Modules and are the point of contact to restore plant availability when a fault occurs. With staff undergoing continuous training, access to original spare parts and solution-oriented action, you support the customer throughout the entire product life cycle as Siemens' partner.

For Drives, the scope of service for external partners is limited to GH180 air-cooled drives which includes basic maintenance, basic troubleshooting and commissioning.

Business Models

For each service and the selected Service Portfolio their have to be arranged the business model between the Partner and the responsible Siemens Region Contact (Regional Partner manager) in acting the partnership.

Business model - "Authorized Services" (for motors & drives) means:
Authorized Services are Services to be performed by the partner only in order and behalf of Siemens. Customer contact and invoicing is organized by Siemens.

Business model - "Own Services" (for motors) means:
Own Service are Services, which are provided by the partner to own customers, customers from Siemens or in order of Siemens, on behalf of partners name and invoicing.

Partner benefits

Partner get access to Siemens Tools for:

  • Ordering of spares = Spares on Web (SOW)
  • Ordering of spare & repair parts 
  • Quality reporting = WebDelta5.0
  • Drawings and documentation will be provided free of charge
  • Training for Equipment
  • Additional businesses

The access on these tools will given by the “user request for external partners” by the regional Siemens CS Partner manager.

Special Investigation

Sometimes the standard statement on the detected cause of error is not sufficiently for a repair. In this case there is the option to apply for a special investigation. 

The special investigation is particularly suitable for root cause analysis of problems for the occurence of which no explanations have been found so far. 

A special investigation is aimed at reproducing the problem, determining and communicating the cause of failure, as well as deriving sustainable measures from this. 

The execution is usually performed by Siemens. 

Your benefit

  • Identification of error causes.
  • Reduction of expensive subsequent and repetitive errors.
  • Full transparency for cost-intensive failures.

Proceed as follows 

Are you interested in these services? If you are, contact your local Siemens Contact Person. They will be glad to help and are available for more detailed information about this service.

Please note: Special Investigation is a chargeable Service.