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Service Agreements

Modular, customized service agreements

Services Agreements are individually configurable, customized service packages for defined system or product groups from automation and drive technology. They make the preventive maintenance, optimization, and modernization more efficient and powerful while reducing costs.
The individual services along the lifecycle are seamlessly coordinated with each other and support the optimal use of machines and plants. The services of a service contract can be flexibly adjusted at any time and can be used independently from each other.
Flexible options, such as extended service periods, defined arrival times, special maintenance intervals, and remote maintenance can be tailored to meet the customer's needs.

Your benefit

  • Assured plant availability and operational security through customized maintenance.
  • Relief of company's own maintenance resources.
  • Transparent costs and improved operating conditions.
  • Extended lifecycle and reduced wear of Siemens components.
  • Extended lifecycle of the plant.


Siemens Large Drives Applications Services offers you service contracts for selected system or product groups of the automation and drive technology:

Product Specific Agreements and Programs

Lifecycle Services
With its range of Lifecycle Services, Siemens is offering specially assembled service programs to address the requirements of selected products and systems from the Siemens product portfolio. These can be optionally incorporated into a long-term service contract and are thus optimally tailored to meet requirements during the lifecycle of the plant.

Service Specific Agreements and Programs

Energy Performance Contracting
With Energy Performance Contracting for drive applications, the money saved by reducing energy consumption is used to pay the costs of the optimization measures. Projects are managed according to a four-stage process that is low risk to our customers due to promised savings.

Plant Specific Agreements

Integral Plant Maintenance
Plant-specific asset management services help avoiding unscheduled downtime. These contracts include support and management for the maintenance of your operations, and the assumption of responsibility for on-site maintenance. Reliability is ensured with the aid of digital solutions in condition monitoring services, through computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS) and with mobile maintenance solutions.

Vertical Specific Services
With its range of Lifecycle Services, Siemens is offering specially assembled service programs to address the requirements of selected products and systems from the Siemens product portfolio. These can be optionally incorporated into a long-term service contract and are thus optimally tailored to meet requirements during the lifecycle of the plant.


Your Siemens Contact Person will be happy to answer your questions regarding Service Programs & Agreements.

Lifecycle Services

The aging and wear processes affect the availability of a motor.
This leads us to severe operational challenges like
  • Contamination of the motor
    • For instance: dirt and cooler pollution will reduce cooler efficiency.
    • Increased internal motor temperature will increase insulation system degradation over time.
  • Faults or changes in the power network
    • For instance: voltage peaks or drops can cause undetected but progressing damage to the winding.
    • At the same time voltage drops can cause prolonged start-up times which leads to overheating.*
  • External, mechanical faults
    • such as torque peaks or start-up at increased counter torque.
  • Highly stressing operating conditions
    • such as increased load or very frequent starts.
  • Insufficient compatibility between production requirements and maintenance measures
    • Tight production plans do not allow long downtime periods.
    • This is the reason for delayed maintenance measures.

Our Lifecycle Services for HV motors for our SIMOTICS HV motors is giving you a perfect strategy and solution to prepare your operation covering these challenges and reducing the risk for unplanned downtimes and highest availability of your assets.
By choosing our Lifecycle Services for SIMOTICS HV motors your benefits will quickly reduce operational challenges in your production line.
Benefits at glance:
  • In-depth analysis of the motor condition by experts gives transparency
  • Services from a single source matched to the actual condition of an individual motor
  • Minimization of downtimes during the analysis and implementation phases
  • Ideally, financing only via OPEX
The aging and wear processes affect the availability of your SINAMCS PERFECT HARMONY GH180 drive
Operational challenges
  • Faults or changes in the power network such as voltage peaks without using an appropriate overvoltage protection
  • High currents and mechanical/electrical stress can occur when switching electrical equipment
  • Highly stressing operating conditions such as increased temperature
  • Conflict between production requirements and maintenance measures
  • Delayed reactions to alerts and warnings
  • Missing information about the topology of the power supply and thus deviations to the norms
Possible consequences:
Without any maintenance there is a regular aging and wear where you risk and could cause severe damage
  • for the complete drive:
    Increased risk of a total breakdown of the drive and thus unexpected downtimes
  • for transformers:
    Increased risk of failures results in long downtimes in case the transformer needs to be replaced
  • for cooling hoses of a water-cooled drive:
    Increased risk of leakages (especially on hoses which are older than 8-10 years)

Energy Performance Contracting

Lifting competitiveness by increasing productivity is the most common and recurring challenge in industry. The options for investment outside of your core-business such as energy efficiency improvements are a possible lever, but savings uncertainty is a common showstopper for these projects. In addition, when given a narrow investment choice between a production-related project versus energy efficiency, the decision is always clear.
What if there was a way to make an energy efficiency project more certain than a core-business opportunity? And rather than having to make a choice, what if you could invest in both opportunities? Energy Performance Contracting for drive applications from Siemens does just that.
Energy Performance Contracting for drive applications pays for optimization measures through savings in energy costs. The projects are implemented according to a four-step process with low risk for our customers thanks to the promised savings.

Your benefits at a glance with Energy performance contracting

Drive applications, which account for nearly two thirds of industrial electricity use, represent one of the biggest opportunities for electricity and cost savings. Savings between 20-60% can be achieved within drive applications. The projects are structured so that only a portion of the savings can be used for the service rate and the rest of the savings remains as a direct benefit for the customer. This makes the decision in favor of such a project easy: Energy Performance Contracting entails low risk in the project development phase and offers strong savings certainty. All this makes Siemens the perfect partner for your next energy efficiency project!

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Your Siemens Contact Person is happy to answer questions on the Digital Industry Services or directly send an e-mail to: enpc.industry@siemens.com.

Further Information

Video: Energy Performance Contracting - Siemens energy services for the industry

Integral Plant Maintenance

Using the potential of the equipment efficiently

Many companies still regard maintenance as a pure cost factor. However, factors which are directly influenced by the performance of the maintenance such as service life, machine speed and quality have considerable effects on financial results. Production failures are "hidden" costs, which need to be retraced and examined in order to achieve a maximum system output.

Efficient equipment is more important than ever. A continuous maintenance concept increases the system efficiency and reduces the operating costs.
Using standardized analyses based on ISO 55000 (Asset Management) and industry and sector benchmarks, Siemens identifies improvement potential in the asset management to make the potential for cost reduction and output increase of a system transparent.

The improvement potential that can actually be implemented only becomes obvious after an alignment workshop with the customer. The benchmark analysis provides evaluations in the reviewed categories of the asset management, but also values concerning the improvement potential.

Once measures have been defined after an alignment with the customer, they will be represented in an improvement concept with a time schedule and the required resources at Siemens' and the customer's end in form of a Project Plan. The elements of the concept include process definition, definition of the target organization with partly new roles and responsibilities and the introduction of suitable indexes for measuring success.

The precondition for a successful implementation is the unrestricted conviction and support from the executive management for bringing the project to a successful end. Even if the motivation of the people who put the plans into practice might wane during the implementation when everyday work has to be done, the management must insist on the necessity of the implementation of all the measures. This change management is indispensable for not falling back to "old habits" in a very short time thus losing the potentials.

Improved productivity, greater availability, lower costs

Of course we use the methods described here to guarantee a first class asset management and continuous improvement in all our contracts and agreements for you!
You will benefit from:
  • an improved system output, higher production capacities and a quality increase in the end product
  • an improved system reliability
  • an improved efficiency of your maintenance processes and reduced production unit costs
  • an extended system life cycle and reduced investment needs
  • optimized spare part stocks
  • minimized health and safety risks
  • integration of risk management and emergency plans

By optimizing the maturity degree of your asset management processes during the implementation phase and ensuring continuous improvement with adequate support from the corporate management during the consolidation phase, the asset management will become a real success factor for your company.

Further information

Brochure: Maximum performance from your assets (727,4 KB)
Contact: ipm.industry@siemens.com

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Are you interested in this service? If you are, contact your Siemens Contact Person. They will be glad to help and are available for more detailed information about this service.

Maintenance on the spot

Modern industrial systems must be available at any time and must run with greatest efficiency. A long-term reliability and continuous productivity must be ensured permanently. Moreover, the conformity with the latest Health and Safety Standards is of utmost importance. All this must be achieved with a maintenance budget that can be planned.
To ensure the continuous improvements on a long-term basis, too, your company can outsource the maintenance including the maintenance management and the maintenance resources. As a reliable partner for your company that wants to concentrate on its core business, Siemens will assume the responsibility for the organization and the application of the maintenance. With performance-based maintenance contracts, Siemens provides you with an increased overall equipment efficiency (OEE) and with a higher financial transparency, hence a better control of the maintenance budget.
Long-term contracts become an important and strategic decision for your company. Profiting from our multiple experiences, we advise and support you in finding the best decision for both parties. The contract model is based on your individual needs in agreement with your specific business objectives. Benefit indexes we elaborate together will be the foundation of this partnership. Siemens is proud of its win-win cooperations, which are successful for both sides.


  • With Siemens as your partner for asset management you can concentrate on your core business
  • A performance-based contract provides you with transparency, control and additional financial benefits!

Long-term maintenance plan to ensure lasting, maximum availability

From the very beginning, we think about the result and take all your long-term considerations into account. In close coordination with you, we go through the following steps together.
You benefit from the following advantages:
  • Increase of the overall equipment use, increase of the system availability, i.e. the production capacity you can sell.
  • Introduction of new and improved asset management processes, optimization and increase of the availability of resources (staff), in combination with a high cost efficiency.
  • Improved quality of the maintenance measures for more reliability and a longer service life of your equipment; less capital requirements.
  • Reduction of spare parts stocks and costs and increase of the stock security of critical spare parts.
  • Reduction of the risk and guidance to well-founded decisions in every step of the optimization process.
  • Integration of the concept of continuous improvement in the daily routines.
  • Increase of motivation and special knowledge of the maintenance personnel.
  • Improved control of maintenance costs and reporting, better transparency and optimization of the cost planning and prognosis processes.
  • Inproved maintenance planning, optimization of the production planning and the supply chain processes related to the asset management processes.
By increasing the optimum capacity and cost effectiveness in combination with our energy and environment service, we support you in increasing the energy efficiency and in reducing the CO2 emissions. Together we will make your asset management a real competitive advantage for your company!
Asset management - from a cost factor to a value-increasing success factor!

The concept for a successful asset management combines the necessary one-time effects with the implementation of standard processes and tools, which will lead you to a long-term success. All the optimization projects focus on the "human factor". This means an active change management and requires the continuous attention of the corporate management. The risk that staff fall back into old habits and that the efficiency sinks again is rather high. Siemens has the experience which is needed in handling these issues competently and is prepared for a long-term partnership to prevent these risks.
Numerous customers have already made the step and trusted Siemens Industry Services with their industrial maintenance.

Further information

Brochure: Maintenance as a core competence (1,7 MB)
Contact: ipm.industry@siemens.com

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Are you interested in this service? If you are, contact your Siemens Contact Person. They will be glad to help and are available for more detailed information about this service.
To ensure that companies remain productive, plant and machinery must undergo continuous maintenance. Production facilities should be optimized and unscheduled downtimes avoided. Proactive maintenance therefore plays an increasingly important role. Integral Plant Maintenance is a comprehensive service program offered by Siemens Customer Services for the maintenance of plant and machinery. The aim of the program is to lower maintenance costs sustainably, better utilize a plant’s operational time, reduce life cycle costs, and improve its overall performance. Integral Plant Maintenance (IPM) helps to minimize unscheduled plant and machinery downtimes, increases plant availability, improves product quality, and ensures that investments in plant and machinery hold their value.
Plant-specific asset management services help to avoid unscheduled downtime. These include, for example, servicing and maintenance contracts to support the maintenance of your operations, maintenance management, and assuming responsibility for - as well as carrying out - on-site maintenance. The long-term availability and reliability of plant and machinery are ensured with the aid of digital solutions in condition monitoring services, as well as through the use of computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS) and mobile maintenance solutions.

Our Offers

Maintenance Consulting - efficiently utilizing the potential of your plant and machinery
We provide you with consulting and support not only in identifying potential performance and cost improvements, but also in planning your maintenance processes efficiently and effectively

Maintenance Outsourcing - your maintenance in our hands
With Siemens as your partner for plant and machinery asset management, we take care of the organization and completion of your maintenance work.

Plant Maintenance Services - cost-efficiently maximizing availability
Our specialists provide you with support in all aspects of your maintenance activities. We take care of everything, from providing the necessary technical expertise right through to maintenance management and plant and machinery monitoring.

Your benefits



Further information

You can find additional information about IPM here.
Kontakt: ipm.industry@siemens.com

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Are you interested in this service? If you are, contact your Siemens Contact Person. They will be glad to help and are available for more detailed information about this service.


Industry specific 1, 3 and 11-pager for Plant Maintenance Services
Industry specific 1, 3 and 11-pager for Maintenance Outsourcing

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Vertical Specific Service Contracts

Siemens supports you with customized services for the complete lifecycle of the plant – with a forward-looking perspective and presence around the world. A combination of product related know-how and mining specific competence allows our experts to help you to increase equipment availability on a reduced maintenance budget. Our service team has comprehensive technical expertise and many years of experience in the mining industry. We are familiar with the specific requirements of the extreme environmental conditions in the mining industry for many years and therefore focus on equipment availability but also keep an eye on cost-efficiency. With our services you not only remain technically up-to-date, we also provide ongoing assistance with your problems and support you achieving your targets.

Contact our experts.

Increase equipment availability

How can I increase equipment availability?

Our worldwide network of service experts with several years of Mining competence located in all relevant focus regions is supporting your preventive and predictive maintenance activities. We give recommendations to keep and improve the equipment availability based on latest experiences and lessons learned from our worldwide network of key service experts backed by our engineering and development teams.

24/7 expert hotline and our remote support capabilities via phone or direct remote access to your equipment provide immediate support in case of any critical failure of your equipment. Fast recovery after a failure is key to keep equipment availability at the highest possible level.

Benefit from digitalization

How can I use digital technologies to enhance my business?

More and more mines and mining areas are set to optimize their operations by using digital technologies. What just a few years ago seemed like a futuristic scenario is now reality. Behind Siemens’ digital portfolio, and what sets the company apart from the competition, is the combination of deep understanding of mining processing with state-of-art electric, automation and IT technologies.

Reduce maintenance budget

How can I reduce my maintenance budget?

Our cost efficient approach to provide expert support includes local availability of our field service experts, repair centers backed by Centers of Competence for Mining, and the capability of remote support.

Condition monitoring from the original supplier of your equipment helps to reduce preventive and unplanned maintenance and enables predictive maintenance.

Reduce energy costs

How can I react on increasing energy costs?

Energy transparency and analytics are the basis to detect and implement measures to reduce the energy consumption of your equipment.

Modernization of the equipment with high energy consumption with a more energy efficient solution is one key element to reduce the overall energy consumption at your site.

Increase equipment reliability

How can I increase equipment lifetime and reliability?

Extend the lifetime of your equipment with our lifecycle management strategy. We provide you with spare part packages, retrofit packages, and technical support through our world wide network of repair centers.

Enhance predictive maintenance

How can I increase predictive instead of preventive maintenance?

Improve your maintenance strategy with individual support for your team from our maintenance experts with worldwide experiences and expertise in different industries. We also offer complete outsourcing of your maintenance if you want to focus on your core business.

Condition monitoring from the original supplier of your equipment helps to reduce preventive and unplanned maintenance and enables predictive maintenance.

  • Integral Plant Maintenance
  • Asset Health Analytics