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Energy Performance Contracting (EnPC)

How does it work?

EnPC is an optimization of the entire drive system: In case of mechanical control (e.g. damper or bypass) a modification to a variable speed control leads to significant energy savings. Direct-online-operated applications can be changed from a mechanical control system to a converter operated system. The existing motor will be reused but it will be driven by VFD.

During the analysis phase, we will identify and clarify with you the potential energy savings based on provided plant operation data and product specifications. The concept phase will give you a comprehensive energy saving concept worked out based on provided data but also via a detailed on-site measurement and base lining of your energy consumption. As a result, you receive an energy costs savings calculations and concept with guaranteed values which allows you to precisely plan your plant upgrade and modernization.

After implementation of provided concept, the energy costs savings can be utilized to further improve your plant operation. For example, by implementation of a service agreement, consideration of crucial spare parts or digitalization via remote monitoring solutions like our Sidrive IQ based Services. The remaining energy costs savings generated are a direct costs savings for your plant operation.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Realization of significant ​energy savings from 20 – 60% 
  • Extension of availability ​and efficient process control​
  • Reduction of CO2 emission
  • No CAPEX spending needed

Your contact for personal support

Contact us now to identify your saving potential to change your fixed speed driven motor to variable speed driven (VSD) operation to gain energy costs savings and a sustainable plant operation.