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Lifecycle Service Agreements

Service Packages for optimal performance

To keep your plant up and running, we offer you lifecycle service agreements that provide you with customized support for your drives, motors and components. The idea is as simple as it is impressive. Choose a service package that’s truly tailored to your specific needs from among the wide range of different services for defined system and product groups in the area of automation and drives. The modules are fully coordinated to deliver optimal benefit – with better protection of your investment and maximum machine and plant availability.

Even with a service agreement, you remain flexible because you can modify the individual services at any time and, for example, define expanded service periods.

Choose from our Lifecycle Service Agreements to meet your requirements

Ensure a seamless first year of operation with our Starter Service Agreement. According to your service needs, you can than later choose between Basic, Advanced and Performance Service Agreements. No matter which option you choose, you benefit from defined reaction time and, even more important, an appointed service manager. As dedicated contact person, the service manager will take care of all your service needs, and help you maximize plant availability with in-depth domain knowledge and technical know-how. All you have to do, is to decide which portfolio elements should be covered by your service agreement and which package fits your needs best.

    Starter Service Agreement

    The integration complexity of new products or systems into today’s digital process world is challenging. To minimize failure risk and ensure proper work of a newly purchased motor, converter or drive system a fast and competent support is crucial.

    Ensure a seamless first year of operation with our drive systems by leaning on us for additional service & support based on a concluded Starter Service Agreement.

    You can choose 1, 2 or 3 of the following services:

    • On-call Service 24/7
    • SIDRIVE IQ Rapid Response
    • One-time Inspection on site

    Overview Starter Service Agreements document: Sales Flyer

    Basic Service Agreement

    Get a faster support if you run into trouble and reduce your maintenance costs.
    High responsiveness in the case of an emergency (hotline, spare parts services, on-site technician) and preventive services keep you one step ahead of any problems
    Our Basic Service Agreement is helping you to look after your operational drive system productivity with a whole suite of essential services.

    Advanced Service Agreement

    For important and critical plant assets it is crucial to improve operation efficiency and minimize downtime risks while keeping maintenance costs at the lowest possible level.
    Maximize uptime of your plant assets and avoid unplanned downtimes by using customized mix of classical & digital services.
    With the Advanced Service Agreement, we provide a complete scope of reactive, preventive and predictive services tailored to your needs.

    Advanced Service Agreement - Flyer

    Performance Service Agreement

    Let your drive system maintenance be our worry. The Performance Service Agreement ensures the expected outcome of the drive system by combining the benefits of the Advanced Service Agreement with guaranteed results:

    • Maximized uptime, minimization of outages
    • Planning reliability
    • KPI based performance control

    Performance Agreement One Pager 

    Your benefits at a glance


    Contractually assured asset or plant availability and operational security through immediate service & support by fix allocated service experts to the agreement.

    Prevent unplanned downtimes

    Prevent unplanned downtime with both a reliable drive system and an effective service contract. Preventive and predictive services keep you one step ahead of any problems.


    Cost savings as outcome from preventive and predictive maintenance & preferential pricing for contractual customers by simultaneously reduced sorrows about service routine.


    Increased cost & asset transparency, improved operating conditions and optimized overall maintenance strategy based on our innovative SIDRIVE IQ platform.

    Your contact for personal support

    Immediately increase the availability of your plant with individually configurable service packages tailored to your needs.
    Use our contacts database to find your personal contact who’ll be happy to help you.