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Spare Part Services

Safeguarding plant availability

To help you achieve optimum plant availability, we assist you with several spare part services. Spare Parts on Demand offers you express delivery of parts in urgent cases. If you want to build up your own stock, Spare Part Packages for individual products help you to react fast in case of unscheduled downtimes. If you are looking for an ideal balance between risk reduction and plant availability, we are happy to offer you individual spare parts provisioning concepts with Asset Optimization Services.

Not matter what option you choose, you can rely on proven logistic processes to ensure that replacement components reach you as fast as possible. To make things as convenient as possible for you, our logistic experts take care of procurement, transport, customs clearance, storage and order management, planning and management of logistics processes as well as of returns management. So you can concentrate on your business.

Identify the right spare parts for your plant and machinery

The following properties characterize spare parts at Siemens Industry:

  • A spare part can be a product or a partial component of a product. Most products or partial components can be ordered as spare parts.
  • Spare parts can also be function-compatible products.
  • Spare parts can also be generally overhauled parts; these are also fully functional and in perfect condition.
  • Spare parts are normally delivered with default settings and not with customer-specific settings.

Find your spare parts in Spares on Web

Please use the Spares on Web (SoW) information system, to find out which spare parts are available for your products.
Spares on Web (SoW) is a web-based system for spare parts research for Siemens Industry products.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Spare parts with original manufacturer quality
  • Spare parts packages and services for optimal spare parts stockage
  • Fastest possible handling through professional logistics

Spare Parts on Demand

To be able to supply you with spare parts at short notice, we keep numerous spare parts in stock – ready to dispatch anywhere in the world. We are offering express delivery of parts for urgent cases.

If you have any questions regarding spare parts, please contact your Siemens Contact Person. If you can, please have your data for identifying the affected products ready, for example:

  • Material/product number
  • Serial or product number
  • Other name plate information (also possible as image/picture)

Here, as an example, a name plate of SINAMICS GM150 frequency converter with the product number 6SL3810-2LP38-8AA1-Z  and the serial number N-K85019820010001

Below, you can find further information which might be of interest to you when ordering spare parts:

  • Providing spare parts and delivery times
    Find out how long Siemens provides spare parts and what delivery times to expect.
  • Replacement of defective components
    We offer you a replacement service for many spare parts, to reduce plant downtimes.
  • Emergency spare parts service
    In many countries spare parts can also be ordered outside normal business hours.
  • Identification
    For many products, you can also find out for yourself what spare parts can be ordered.

Providing spare parts

For most Siemens LDA products and systems, we provide spare parts even after the start of the product phase-out over a period of ten years.

In the product status in Product Support you can find out whether a specific product is already in product phase-out. This is where the current status for all products is displayed in the product lifecycle. The "product phase-out" milestone is decisive for the provision of the spare parts.

After the final product phase-out ("product phase-out" milestone), spare parts can usually no longer be supplied. Of course, we can jointly work out individual solutions with you for the time after the product phase-out.

Exchange Process

We offer a exchange service for many spare parts, to reduce plant downtimes. When you are buying a spare part, we will take back your defective component.
You can find out from your Siemens Contact Person, whether a spare part is suitable for the replacement process and what the modalities are for the return.
Spare parts that are used for diagnostic purposes from your spare parts storage can be taken back within three months after delivery, for a handling fee.

Spare Part Packages

Siemens ensures provision of spare part delivery services as part of its global service operations. If required customer or plant specific spare parts will be produced order related. With this approach short-term supply for unplanned spare part requirements is ensured.

Due to country specific customs regulations or necessity of custom-made production actual delivery times may not be fully predictable. For this it is recommended to stock important spare parts and core components on site in order to ensure quick reaction times in cases of plant breakdown.

For this Siemens Síemens offers spare part packages matched to individual plant/system helping to shorten downtimes in case of breakdown by saving valuable time for order and delivery processes.

Spare part packages are available for the following applications or products:

  • Spare parts packages for electric motors
  • Spare parts packages for converters

Your benefits at a glance

Range and composition of the spare part packages are individually matched to your plant. According to demand and requirement of the plant components of the packages are available over the whole lifecycle. This lifts availability of the full installation – with spare parts in proven Siemens quality.

By on site stocking of spare part packages several advantages can be realized by plant operators:

  • improved availability and efficiency of the plant
  • minimized downtime cost
  • reduced time efforts for repair measures

As a matter of course not only spare part packages as whole, but individual components/materials are available for supply any time.

Proceed as follows

Are you interested in these services? If you are, contact your Siemens Contact Person. There you will get support and they are trained to support for more detailed information about this service.

Spare parts packages for converters

The following spare parts packages are available for converters:

  • Customized spare parts packages for low and medium voltage converters, individually tailored to the customer's system and perfectly matched to the operational phases.

Increased plant availability thanks to spare parts packages stored on site

Especially in the low and medium voltage ranges, converters are often an integral part of the main system components. Their dependability is essential for reliable plant operation. Optimum availability of spare parts is an equally important factor in minimizing downtimes.

Siemens offers not only individual spare parts but also complete spare parts packages. The scope and contents of the packages are based on our extensive development and service experience, and they are put together based on device-specific parameters. The spare parts packages minimize the risk of failure.

Predefined/individual spare parts packages for Siemens converters:

Siemens spare parts packages help to shorten downtimes caused by the malfunction of electric current converters, because, if a fault occurs, spare parts do not have to be ordered - they are already on site. This increases the availability not only of the drive units but also of the entire system, and also minimizes the duration of repair work - using spare parts of proven Siemens quality.

Proceed as follows

You can identify the individual components in the spare parts packages with Spares on Web (SoW) information tool. Here you will find comprehensive information about spare parts for almost all current Siemens converters. To release orders, it is necessary to quote the Siemens order number and the associated serial number.

  • Online database with information on spare parts and spare parts packages: Spares on Web

You can obtain more detailed information and assistance from your local Siemens partner.

Asset Optimization Services (AOS)

Asset Optimization Services

High Plant Availability with optimum spare part supply

In the interplay between productivity, thanks to high plant availability and capital commitment due to spare part stocks, the systematic optimized spare part supply plays a decisive role. The considerable optimization potential for spare part stocks and also the logistic and the thus connected cost reduction in preventative maintenance is underestimated by many companies. The balance between technical necessity and economic feasibility presents a particular challenge in this context.

The increased use of very different products and systems, ever shorter innovation cycles and increased cost pressure force many plant operators to look for new paths.

Asset Optimization Services

The Asset Optimization Services emphasizes a structured and systematic approach to achieve a holistic optimization of their spare part supply. The individual phases are designed as modules in the service portfolio and can also be used separately if required.

Particularly analysis and design are independent of implementation and operative supply. Nevertheless, both supplement each other perfectly in the sense of optimized spare part supply.

With Siemens Industry Services the customers rely on a partner, who, being the manufacturer of the products and systems used in the plant, not only has information regarding its lifecycle, but who also has the professional know-how regarding all issues related to spare part supply.

Your benefits at a glance:

Comprehensive spare part optimization secures highest plant availability

The use of the Asset Optimization Services brings a series of advantages for spare part supply of the corrective plant maintenance:

  • Secure and reliable spare part supply.
  • Improved serviceability and thus increased plant availability.
  • Technical and economical storage optimization (lower capital commitment).
  • Reduced corrective maintenance costs.
  • Minimized risks in the event of functional obsolescence.
  • Maximum transparency in storage management.

Proceed as follows

Are you interested in Asset Optimization Services? If you have any questions contact your Siemens Contact Person. They will be glad to help and are available for more detailed information about this service.

    Emergency Spare Parts Service

    In exceptionally urgent cases we offer you outside office hours 24/7 the Emergency Spare Parts Service @CS in Germany for defined Spare Part Supplier.

    1. Who can order?

    • External costumers in Germany or Austria

    2. Where can you order?

    DI CS Emergency Spare Parts Service:
    Phone: +49 (911) 895 7448 or +49 (911) 958 1238
    Mail: isi.industry@siemens.com

    3. When can you order?

    • Mo. - Fr. 5 pm - 8 am (outside office hours in Germany)
    • weekends
    • and on the following holidays

    4. How can you order?

    1. Call the emergency hotline:
      Phone: +49 (911) 895 7448 or +49 (911) 958 1238
      Mail: isi.industry@siemens.com
    2. Emergency Spare Parts Service checks and informs you about the availability of the required spare part
    3. Fill in, sign, and return the emergency order form to the Emergency Spare Parts Service Order form 
    4. Emergency Spare Part Service ships the Sparepart order directly to the given adress. Therefore, make sure that a recipient is present at the destination address at all times!