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Training Services

Build knowledge to make your company future-proof

Digitalization is changing the way we work, live and learn. With our offerings, the future of learning starts now, providing you with modern learning concepts that focus on the needs of learners and the demands of companies. We provide you with flexible and effective ways of learning that allow you to build your employees’ knowledge future-oriented – because long-term smooth and energy-efficient production depends on expertly trained staff. You benefit from expert know-how and tailored training courses that help you create a solid base for innovative strength and greater competitiveness.

Siemens Training Services SITRAIN

For mor than 30 years, SITRAN has been the trusted provider of trainings that teach you expert know-how and practical knowledge directly from the manufacturer. We are specialized in diagnostic and service trainings for SINAMICS medium-voltage converters. The trainings can be attended in class or remote. To keep the training experience as realistic as possible, our remote trainings do not use virtual simulations, but work with remote control on real training devices.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Expert know-how directly from the manufacturer
  • Learn how to carry out device-specific maintenance work
  • Make maintenance work easier by providing service engineers with the right information
  • Worldwide registration is possible

Start building expert know-how

Discover our trainings for SINAMICS medium-voltage converters

Customer-specific Training

Long-term smooth, energy-efficient and economical production is only feasible when electric motors, converters and systems are working reliably and secure.
The availability of the drive technology is decisively based on its regular maintenance by qualified staff, the use of high-quality spare parts as well as the respective tools and equipment. Setup and training competent, qualified operating and maintenance staff is a question of procedure. We support you with tailored training courses and training measures. This is where professional know-how is specifically passed on. If you have specific requirements that are not met by our offering, we are happy to create an individual training for you on-site.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Bespoke trainings for your requirement
  • Learn on-site on your own equipment
  • Expert know-how directly from the manufacturer
  • Worldwide registration is possible

Expert know-how

Building knowledge enables in-house staff to perform short-term, professional troubleshooting and execute device-specific maintenance work.

Fast fault removal

Causes of malfunction can be recorded fast and competent for efficient troubleshooting.

Rapid action

In-house maintenance staff has the know-how to make correct decisions in case of an error and provide Siemens service with a competent error description

Fast exchange and restart

Professional support helps you choose the right device-specific spare parts for building up a basic sock, enabling you to minimize downtime.

Get exactly the training you need

Get in touch with us, so we can provide you with a training offering tailored to your needs.